So, Why do You do it When it's Crisp Outside?

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"Really, my childhood memories took me indoors when it got cold. That's where the books were."

This was a response given by a guy who loves to read year-round. Still, something about the autumn season triggered a smile and the mention of fireplace coziness and a great book. 

Of course, the argument to read any season rises up to challenge this idea – and rightly so. However, we've noticed a trend: people love to read books in the fall. Perhaps it's the genre-shift (scary books in October that meld into the romance of the holidays). Perhaps, it's exactly as our friend above stated – the temperature drops, begging readers to cuddle up next to a cozy fire with a great book.

According to Bustle: "Every year, some of the biggest books are released in the fall, just in time for holiday gifting." 

It's true! Browsing book stores is a holiday tradition for most and books have always been a favorite gift item. Besides, books wrap well and look great with a big, bright bow on top...right?

Consider, for a moment, your reason for choosing to read great books during the crisp autumn season. We love that you do, and hope to see the trend continue. May the choice to carry around a great book in the fall be something that happens for everyone.

Whatever your autumn tradition is, we hope those moments include time with a great book.

Happy Reading 

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