Editing Your Manuscript

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A good edit of your ms is mandatory for a captivating story


Just how important is an editor?

The short answer:  Extremely!

A longer answer:  Editing is the nuts-and-bolts of a good manuscript.  It’s also the most painful part of the publishing process.  Fortunately, authors have many more resources than were available just ten years ago resulting in an easier process toward a clean manuscript.

The choice to have an editor review your manuscript prior to submission, is entirely optional.  Doce Blant Publishing has professional editors available to review your ms upon acceptance.  The process involves collaboration with the editor, who does more than just look for spelling errors and punctuation.  The job of an editor is intense and includes content editing for story flow and continuity.

Our advice at Doce Blant Publishing is to take the editing process seriously.  Consider having your ms reviewed prior to submission either by an editor or beta-reader.  We will follow up with our editor to ensure you have the best quality ms available prior to publication.

~ Happy Writing ~

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