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by Kevin du Toit
August 15, 2022




Have you ever said that to yourself early in the morning?

The reason I ask is because the mind is a battlefield. We want to fill it with words of affirmation, every single day.

Everyone is going through something in their lives, right now, and we are going to win this mindset war. 

My dad, at a young age, would tell me to look into the mirror every single morning and tell myself that “I am a warrior” and “I am going to win today’s battle so that I can win the war.” When he told me this, it made no sense at the time. But what an impact it had on me in my later years. It is the one-thing I live with daily—those words of encouragement that have been powerful for decades. My dad was my hero.

“So, how do you do it, Kevin?”

That’s a question I’m asked frequently. Here’s the answer: I wake up every single day with thoughts, words, and actions that are fighting against me. They hurt me, they demoralize me, they break me down emotionally. I realized that I am my own worst enemy.  I would question my own sanity: “Am I crazy?” I realize that there are two life forces in my mind fighting for the right to claim victory for either complacent safety or glorious victory. Just who wins that war will depend on who I feed. In other words, what will receive my energy and attention for the day.

Sometimes thoughts bring me down. It feels as if my mind’s safety mechanism suddenly kicks in. For decades, the fight against my personal self-depreciating talk (the demons that attacking) has led to an understanding of good verses evil. If it wasn’t for my faith in the Creator of the Universe, who instilled in me a feeling of greatness and a belief in self, I likely would have succumbed. But that belief, that I could be extraordinary because that’s how He designed me, that I have always felt His presence, and have the intention to be more than negative self-talk, has allowed me to step onto an abundant, fruitful path.

Becoming my true self proved to be the hardest prize to unearth. It’s like a pirate in search of treasure hidden on the seven seas. My mind was the ship on this life-voyage to uncover my true fortune, to discover and conquer the last continent: The mind. 

I have searched for the secret to happiness, to kindness, to success in the school of hard knocks, and I found amazing content in the university of life (and on YouTube). Profound teachers, rabbi’s, creators, influences, and game changers in revolutionary universe of everything that is not status quo can be seen. My discover revealed that pretty much everything I believed I knew was a lie, and that I had to reprogram my mind in order to claim it back. 

With so much “failure” in life, I knew something powerful: That I had to take back my power back. My strength, my pure existence to just BE me was the answer.

I am not an accident. I am not abandoned. I am not without worth.

Running wild has always been in my blood, my past existence, except this time, I wanted to run with direction, with purpose, with a goal, a game plan, a destination for me. 

I am writing to you because I am not alone. We are all interconnected and the world is hurting, people are seeking new meaning and purpose in life, and we are in a new dimension of discovery. If the old way did not work, and life feels broken, there’s a better way. It starts with you—your mindset. 

Master your mind and you’ve mastered yourself.  Believe there is a greater you and take that journey to discover it, to grow and shine. This is your time for adventure to be excellent.


About the Author:

Kevin Du Toit (du-twa) is a world traveler with a vision for hard work. He’s a student of luxury, in love with architecture. Kevin has fashioned himself into an international super-connector and a real estate connoisseur. With an eye for opportunity and drive to take action, Du Toit believes strongly in the principles of honesty, integrity, and commitment to excellence, with passion for quality that is not negotiable.

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