Tips from Teresa - Using Your Psychic Abilities in a Paranormal Investigation

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      All Psychic Investigation needs to be approached from a scientific perspective. Keep it as professional as possible. As, Joe Friday in the series Dragnet would say, “The facts Ma’am, only the facts.”

     When doing a paranormal investigation I highly recommend that those choosing to read the situation come in with little or no information. It is important to realize the Conscious-Mind has a tendency to want to validate and therefore can lose its objectivity.  More than once, I have seen those using their spiritual gifts bend the fact to confirm an existing theory and then later realize their information was correct but the interpretation was in error.

     Therefore, I recommend that, when investigating from a psychic perspective, the following steps are taken:

  • Begin with little or no previous information.
  • Commit to reporting only what you receive through feeling and spiritual connection. 
  • Keep yourself in an altered state and do not think about the information until you have completely investigated. 
  • Go area by area and record your impression, feelings and physical reactions. 
  • Remember to view the land and the external structures. 
  • Once you have finished, ask your guides to assist you in understanding what you have perceived. 
  • Those who are empathic may actually have physical symptoms which might be validated by comparing notes with other investigators. 
  • Most psychics receive “hits” where they just know something. Make it a habit to write it down where you experience this. Often it will be validated by another team member. 
  • After you have concluded the walk through and done your summation then discuss the investigation with your team. 
  • It will seem like a jigsaw puzzle but all the pieces normally fall into place and you will not only have an accurate read but often you will be able to document information such as names, cultures and career fields.

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