Marti Melville

Marti Melville is a novelist and screenwriter known for her paranormal, historical series, The Deja vu Chronicles. She has branched into writing children’s books, specifically The BallyHuHu series.

Marti has successfully adapted her novels to screenplays and is happy to share that experience with other writers.


Books: The Deja vu Chronicles 


Midnight Omen (book 1)    

Silver Moon (book 2)        

Onyx Rising (book 3)        



The BallyHuHu Children's Books

Grandma BallyHuHu and the Mystical Coin    

Grandma BallyHuHu and the Sparkly TuTu    

Grandma BallyHuHu and the Missing Panda  



Member of the Author’s Guild since 2016

Marti Melville is a member of the Author's Guild since 2016


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