Barnacle Bill Bedlam

Author, Barnacle Bill Bedlam

 Barnacle Bill Bedlam, rowdy and contemptuous, a two-bit rogue with a reckless thirst for adventure, began to chronicle his “Tales” years ago. His youth was spent as a traveling troubadour before he unearthed his true passion for sailing tall ships and battling with black powder weapons and cutlasses. 
Wanted for ‘Piracy of the High Seas’ with countless acts against the Crown, and general lawlessness, the Barnacle remains in hiding.  It is only on occasion we receive a hint of his miscreant ways by receipt of another of his “Tales.” This book is the next testament that Barnacle Bill Bedlam still sails the Caribbean seas … whereabouts unknown.

"Adventure takes on a whole new meaning when in the company of this scallywag!"

Books: The Tales of Barnacle Bill: Skeleton Krewe     The Tales of Barnacle Bill: Skeleton Krewe

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